Tech Centre opened with unveiling plaques

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Events company got the plaques done ready for unveiling

Events company got the plaques done ready for unveiling
We have just opened up a new division to the business and last weekend saw the Mayor open it by revealing the unveiling plaques we have on the front entrance. The new venture is a distance away from our humble bedroom office beginnings. We agreed to expand after a great year and a couple of new but solid contracts to supply tech support to three major clients in our local area.
As we did not really have a launch for the business we saw the new premises as an opportunity to formally launch the new venture and welcome new and existing clients to come in and take a look around.
For the event we brought in a specialist events company run by a good friend of mine and this was a god send for us as we just did not have the time or focus to get this done right.

The unveiling plaques were a lovely touch

The Unveiling plaques were a gift from the event guys to thank us for the business and were a lovely touch. We did not know about this bit or the fact they had managed to get the Mayor down and some press to start as we mean to go on.
The tech centre was a year in the planning and we had a whole heap of help from a selection of people from both the council and other specialist centres to make our dream a reality.
The events guys just added the final professional touch to this mammoth task by creating that sparkle around the opening that we would never have even thought about. With so many people involved I can’t begin to thank the individuals and family members that came through for us but you all know who you are.

The mayor came to open the building and unveil the plaques

When we got to the building to meet the events team on the day they had a few surprises for us and they were all good. The place looked great as they had dressed all the front entrance and set up a great welcome area in the foyer. What I did notice straight away was the velvet curtain with cord and I joked did you have someone famous coming to open the place. Imagine my surprise when she said of course and showed me the plaques under the little red curtain.
Getting someone to open it properly would have been great but the fact that a load of the local press turned up to take pictures and do interviews far exceeded our expectations of the day. It was a fantastic day and the press clippings and subsequent contact we have made make the day a huge success.
Now we are open and all the sparkle and unveiling plaques are showing we need to get on with the business of growing into our new location and making the movie pay for itself.