About Me

Hello and may I say thanks for dropping by my blog.
Technology and software is my thing and I have been in software development for fun and as a job for a great many years. I work for a game=ing company which is a super cool job and I love been in this field. Not only do I get to do the thing I love and create software but I also get to create software that will go towards many of the games you may play on you game stations or PC’s.
My work allows me to get access to lots of games and as you would imagine this is another hobby of mine. I love gaming and have all the latest in technology to help me quench my thirst for my hobby. From PS4 to xBox one I have them all.
When I am not in work many of us at work socialise I guess we are the ultimate geek squad but they are a great bunch and we have a laugh when we go out or do a game night at someone’s house.
I am a big fan of science fiction and movies and will often go to the cinema to watch a film at the weekend. My favourite film is Star Wars and yes I am super excited about the new film in the series which comes out late in 2015.
I have a pet dog named Chewy he’s appropriately named as he will chew everything if you give him the slightest chance. Named after the great Chewbacca he is not quite as large but every bit as hairy. We love going out to the park and he’s my trusty side kick who I take everywhere with me. All my friends love him too and he is welcome at all there houses.
I hope you enjoy reading my blog and come back soon.

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